About Lucid Mindset…

I call it “Inevitability Design”.

Emeric Damian

And while you might think these next words a bit strange, well life is, and so it was when one morning, as I was floating between dreaming and waking, the words were spoken to me, from me, from that place of unconscious consciousness:

Assign a Design for a Time to The Vision You Have in Mind…

And then I awoke.

Why does this matter, these words, this message? 

Design is everything…

Not the design of your clothes, or the design of your phone, or the design of your car, but rather the design of your mind and being.

We are feedback organisms and our environment designs us, as we can design our environment. And our environment may include everything, including your phone, your clothes, your friends and family. 

We understand these ideas and it is the nature of these things that have us designing the way we are in the world.

This is our offer.

We design environments for a specific outcome. 

That’s it. 

You want something to happen. We assist you in creating that environment to make it so.