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  • Emeric 12:53 am on September 10, 2017 Permalink

    There is a hole in the conversation about the future, in a way that creates a magnificent world, and I mean a conversation that doesn’t manipulate the people observing or learning or ingesting the contemplation, and by manipulation I mean the use of music, of false imagery, of specific editing and doing so in a way that isn’t to enhance the conversation but to bludgeon the mind of the observer to crack open a pathway into their mind without their permission of understanding of what it is.

    That to me is unacceptable, even though it’s the way of our world, and I mean perhaps so for the entirety of our existence as the beings that we are.

    Does it matter beyond fulfilling my own curiosity?

    That’s a question that I’ve never been able to completely answer without feeling insincere about my answers as if my answers are not fulfilling my own wanting.

    When you live in the question absurdity of a kind comes alive for you.

    There’s noting in it, but the need to know what’s true for yourself and thus for everyone else.

    It’s comes back to design and creation for the sake of an end, but also for the pleasure of exploration of life and the field itself.

    Then you are to get on in your exploration of it and the creation of your work.

  • Emeric 9:00 pm on September 8, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: Consciousness, Dreams, Portugal   

    Sintra, Portugal, a coffee, a view, the language moving around me and I in thought around consciousness and… 

    There are words that take the mind to places it has yet to know exist.
    Continually in conversation I hear the wall where one has stopped listening or looking.
    How fast we are to stall our search for the things we believe we want to know when the things we want to know are anywhere but in the place we are looking if we are looking any longer to discover the unknown.

    Easily frustration will run through my mind while in conversation with others, only at the closed questions they aren’t asking.

    I share this in a way to understand my own mind that writhes in muddles of neuronal puddles.

    If I am asleep to these things than where am I to fall, other than upon a dull landscape, when with a few breaths and a clearing of contemplation, the dreamscape will present itself to me once again.

    And in this way I too will recognize my blindness, which is a necessity for me.

    Speaking of blindness, do see with your eyes closed while wide awake, beyond the eye lids?

    ### What I’m getting at is the unknown of my existence, always.

    What lies below stays in its own world bubbling up at moments to tap inklings of existence to my conscious mind.

    There’s nothing in it to know, because what is once known no longer exists.

    This doesn’t mean much once again.

    **Getting through to my self is what I’m pushing and pulling at**

    Writing is for this very thing, a clarifying agent of a kind.

    For two nights I sat in dreams curios to know what they wanted from me, what they were telling me, and the crushing of the rocks, the falling of the sky, the driving over cliffs and surviving it all barely, night after night, and always with a touch of unsettling ease, has me wondering what the field is speaking.

    We’ll be talking more about this in writings to come.

    Dreams as truth tellers…
    Fields of existence as vortexes and holders of conversations…
    Of environments creating creatures…

    And the use of it all as a way to explore life itself.

  • Emeric 12:35 am on June 26, 2017 Permalink  

    Assign A Design For A Time: This is what we do better than anyone else. 

    We design environments to turn the body and mind into the very thing you want it to be.

    The science is finally coming on board with what everyone already has experienced, that your environments create you.

    Some will create their environments to design themselves, others, just don’t think about it. Some question it but then continue to live as if they didn’t know anything else.

    There’s no judgment to any of it, because truthfully, no one can say 100% that it should be this or that, lived any other way.

    But we have different desires for ourselves, for the world with which we live in.

    And that is a wonderful world that fulfills peoples desires and potentials as they desire.

    This is not about creating a Utopia.

    This is not about controlling others, in fact it’s the opposite. It’s about freeing the consenting individual to do what they feel, think, and understand as best for themselves.

    This, is also what we do everyday already, with our buildings, roads, entertainment, foods, etc..

    It doesn’t stop; it always continues on; we are by our nature designers of environments.

    We take a proactive, creative approach to this truth.

    We are completely obsessed with the idea, the creation, and the follow through of making our world a wonderful place according to the individual’s desires. 

    We’ve created a system that assists us in designing and creating the world that you want for yourself, so to learn, teach, rejuvenate, heal, or thrive.

    *It started with my Contemplative Urban Sanctuaries, a multilevel building creating the most thought inducing and reducing environments, to free and liberate the individual, which will free the entire populace*

    “Werner Erhard, Somethings you can only learn by creating them, which he shared with Richard Feynman.” And which Feynman kept posted before his mind.

    Create a vision and then birth into the physical, Create & Articulate. It’s a practice in visualization.

    Wolfgang Pauli comments, “I think the important and extremely difficult task of our time is to try to build up a fresh idea of reality.”

    We do these type of things here at Lucid Mindset.

    We create rooms for the individual and entire cities and towns for the collective.

    We stay with the idea of you and your space, your individual experience of being in a place.

    We are going where everyone doesn’t yet realize they are going, and we will be there before everyone else, because we are the Future Now.

    We ask questions that reconstruct our questions and imagination, to ask the questions we don’t know to ask, and to create and imagine the ideas and creations we don’t know how to imagine.

    That’s our work.

    It’s what we do.

  • Emeric 11:57 pm on June 8, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: Future Thoughts, society   

    This could shift humanity in a heartbeat if we can figure it out… 

    When we shift the way human’s perceive self preservation, I believe they will naturally change the way they live based off of their explicit motivations, motivations and fears they are taught or learn.

    If you are safe, fed, and know there is a place for you in the world, more often than not, I believe you will begin to express a different potential.

    The greed, the wars, the mass manipulations will shift and change.

    I’m in the beginning mode of contemplating this…

    But you already know that fear of being alive causes problems beyond our desires, as well as fear of dying due to inability to feed, clothe, and provide shelter and freedom from violence from without.

    What can be controlled can be controlled, what can’t, can be designed for in its way.

  • Emeric 11:53 pm on June 8, 2017 Permalink  

    You know what isn’t being spoken of is the words that are used to describe what’s being said. 

    I’m often listening to what people are saying and what they are not saying, listening for the silence and the mystery, and more importantly for the missing perspective.

    Listen for example to this video, and yes, do realize it’s being spoken in a particular context; nevertheless it matters because there are always missing pieces from these technological ideas.

    Also, I want to acknowledge that my questioning of these ideas is in service to the ideas themselves.


  • Emeric 2:15 am on April 24, 2017 Permalink  

    Let’s Be Even More Skeptical Of It All 

    What do you want to know for yourself that people have said is so?

    What are you super skeptical about also curious to experience if it’s true or not?

    SKEPTICISM is a necessity…

    Come see for your self!

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