Who Are You Being…

The bad news is that all the stuff you’ve been chasing, all of the ideas you’ve been running around in your head, all of it will leave you feeling unfulfilled in the end.

Those projects you’ve been fantasizing about, the ideas about getting in shape, the million dollar ideas, the musical expressions, the relationships you think you want, will leave you empty and unfulfilled.

In fact ten years from now you’ll have forgotten much of what you think you want to experience right now. Your ideas about what you want will not give you what you think you want because what you want isn’t what you really need.

It’s not and it never will be. That’s a treadmill, a never-ending pursuit.

What I’m going to share with you is going to be depressing, at first. But I promise, if you stick with me your life will never be the same and you will wake up to a new universe.

Before I do this I want to let you know that I recognize in you that you are a masterpiece, a creation that will never be again; you’re brilliant as you are, right now, without exception.

Because you are perfect as you are there really is no reason to follow anyone.

You are your own Guru, always and ultimately. { Explain this further in another piece }

Even if you follow someone you are not really following them. Everything is always experienced from your perspective for you and for you only. I will never know your experience. No one ever will.

This is beautiful and disorienting.

Beautiful because it’s yours, this life, this universe. Disorienting because no one can live it for you, no one can completely know you.

Beautiful because you know fundamentally what to do. Disorienting because you don’t alway know what to do.

You are you as I am me as they are them. You are and always will be the most important you there will ever be.

!!! For me I know, I can not do anything wrong. But I also know I can feel more or less alive. This is about energy, understanding, and ultimately experience more of life’s wonder. !!!

LUCID MINDSET is one simple concept, it’s a foundation that supports your castle you’ve built in the clouds.  The more lucid you are the more freedom and liberation you have to live a genuinely happy life, a life where joy and ease exude from within, always and forever.

  1. It’s about liberation and freedom
  2. It’s about rejuvenating you when you feel stuck
  3. It’s about living an amazing experience of life
  4. It’s about expressing your greatness
  5. It’s about being perfect as you are right now and knowing it because you are it, because you can’t be it any other way.
  6. It’s about being you, as you want to be without judgement
  7. It’s about Awareness.

My CORE Concept: Life is more magical and wonderful than we know. We spend most of our time oblivious to this truth. But when we have those moments of awareness, when we touch the mystical and ineffable truth about reality our lives completely transform.

The problem is we forget and fall back asleep. We begin suffering our habits. We relive our patterns and  smother our perfection.

My solution lives amongst two ideas: Lucid MindSet and Mythic Grace

Lucid Mindset allows for us to have greater awareness and to be open to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our environment; it includes our Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual existence and the cohesion and alignment of our beings.

Mythic Grace lives through us as a way of being in the world. It’s how you move through space and time; how you treat yourself and others. It’s pure experience of being while letting yourself actually be.

You might say Lucid Mindset is about doing, while Mythic Grace is about being.

The two are really one.