Working Principles

Lucid Mindset Working Principles

  1. We are not afraid to polarize people by speaking the truth thus those who want to work with us are 10s.
  2. We are crazy in beautiful ways, recognizing that there is freedom to be free from false constructs.
  3. We are compassionate and intense.
  4. We embrace a full Psychology of Possibility, knowing that what we believe we know is only part of the truth, because context matters. ( i.e. Placebo & No-Cebo, 4 minute mile, 100th monkey etc.. )
  5. We are dedicated to a life of creation, doing our best to leave every place and person more beautiful than before.
  6. Health drives wealth absolutely.
  7. We play and receive, with grace and ease.
  8. We seek assistance and help when we need it, even when we don’t. It’s a strength.
  9. We are personal, physical, and generous with our being.
  10. We protect our values and honor the anonymity when asked.