Technology I am Watching For Reasons I Find Curious

I’m not sure how this actually works, this project play. Anyways, check this out: It’s curious to me as I am very new to tracking via devices as such, though it seems a s if the field isn’t quite there. One thing to not, that I am very curious about. If I sing a note … Read more

Environmental Design To Create A Desired Result

One of our big projects is all about creating environments to create a result. The theory in play is that we can “assign a design for a time to the environment to create the vision we have in mind,” as it was told to me in my dream. Our company literally take a person or … Read more

Working Principles

Lucid Mindset Working Principles We are not afraid to polarize people by speaking the truth thus those who want to work with us are 10s. We are crazy in beautiful ways, recognizing that there is freedom to be free from false constructs. We are compassionate and intense. We embrace a full Psychology of Possibility, knowing … Read more


I believe in systems and this is the expression of a Lucid Mindset and the clarity of our desires and creation.