We Are Working On Technology And Mindsets That Transform Learning and Thus Life Itself…

You must recognize by now that everything in life is based on feedback, wether implicit or explicit.

it’s the way we are created and it’s the way live in the world.

We discussed previously how our environments design us, and how if we have a glimmer of awareness we can create our environments to design us as we desire.

There are an infinite array of variables moving us about, but awareness itself over powers and takes over all other pressures.

Obviously it becomes a touchstone of all that is.

But we aslo have to move beyond the obvious into the creation itself, the materialization of the creative mind, from thought to tangible reality, even if the desired outcome in intangible itself. 

And these are the challenges we are graced to endure. 

The work we are doing is aimed specifically at overcoming our ignorance.

We create ourselves and refuse to be created by others for their purposes.

The technology, the ideas, the use of words and images, which are kind of technology, bolster the creation of a particular outcome.

The outcome is to be chosen by the chooser. 

We are making the choice. 

The ideas and work we have right now are coming forward to assist in strengthening the work we are doing, and thus even our work is feedback into the creation itself.

A curiousity that may be…

But these are the points and perspectives that must be seen and known.

They’re all part of the play.